Groove Dealers Will Have You “Endessly” Bopping with Trappy New Single


Groove Dealers are two guys from Moscow, Russia who are known for turning hip-hop and rap beats into hyphy electronic tracks. We’re not sure how they haven’t blown up in a big way yet with their massive basslines and dancefloor-filling sound. Their new song “Endlessly” is a wonky and trappy bop that you absolutely have to hear.

“Endlessly” is a slowed down, chopped and screwed version of the club hit “Believe Me” by Navos. It commences with haunting chords before the contorted vocals come in, along with an air of excitement for what they are going to do with classic. And they do not disappoint; this drop is the kind that twists your face up in every which way.

You can listen to this heater below. Enjoy!

Groove Dealers – Endlessly