Gryffin & SLANDER Join Forces On Lush, Summery New Single “All You Need To Know” Ft. Calle Lehmann

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With both Gryffin & SLANDER having easily become some of the biggest names in electronic music over the past few years, we were beyond excited to hear the three would be teaming up on something special. And today the wait is finally over as they’ve just shared their new track “All You Need To Know” (feat. Calle Lehmann).

“When I first heard the demo of All You Need To Know, it brought all the feelings back about why I originally fell in love with dance music.  I wanted to take the emotions and nostalgic vibe and flip it in a more modern way.  The SLANDER guys and I had been talking about collaborating for some time, and this felt like the perfect fit for us to do something together and I’m so stoked how it turned out!” – Gryffin

With Gryffin having just come off his incredible Gravity Pt. 1 EP and SLANDER still riding the success of their recent The Headbangers Ball EP, the three couldn’t have dropped this latest offering at a better time. Featuring some lush, passionate vocals from Swedish singer/songwriter Calle Lehmann, Gryffin & SLANDER both shine through beautifully, layering gentle guitar, vibrant piano, skittering synths and booming percussion to perfectly rounding out a soft, summery vibe. With festival season fast approaching, we’re definitely getting in the spirit with this latest joint venture from two of our favorites. Check out “All You Need To Know” below and enjoy!

Gryffin & SLANDER – All You Need To Know (feat. Calle Lehmann)