Rising Artist Gudboy Delivers New Dance Tune “Caught Up” with TYSHii


Gudboy is one of the most consistent rising artists we have featured on the site. His talent for crafting intriguing melodies and powerful beats only grows stronger with every release, and remains true for his newest dance track, “Caught Up” with TYSHii.

TYSHii and Gudboy set the vibe with an emotive vocal, leaving us pondering on the lyrics “You’re caught up in nothing… Wasting your time and chasing stars. You live in the moment… Carried away from who you are.” The anticipation for the first drop grows stronger by the second, with wavering pads and a filtered beat crawling higher in the mix. The duo finally release into a rhythmic break, driven by luscious, syncopated synth stabs.

Gudboy and TYSHii commented on the release, sharing:

We wanted to capture the feeling of being consumed by future aspirations while missing out on the present’s beauty. ‘Caught Up’ is a reminder to cherish every moment.

You can stream “Caught Up” at the link below, out everywhere via KUMO Collective. Enjoy!

Gudboy & TYSHii – Caught Up