Gudboy Returns With Experimental Trap Single “Just Wanna”


Colorado native,¬†Gudboy, recently caught our attention with his debut single, “Think of (u),” a trap-inspired bop that hooked us from the jump. The producer’s newest (and 2nd track) to date, “Just Wanna,” follows the same creative sound design and playful energy of “Think of (u),” but expands upon the horizons of Gudboy’s production prowess.

A hip-hop centric beat sets the stage for “Just Wanna.” Ambient pads and moody, filtered vocals fill the empty spaces up to the first drop to set the tone. Following a suspenseful build, impactful bass stabs and a massive kick make their entrance known, colliding into a glorious drop full of sparkly synth leads and tasteful vocals performed by the producer himself.

Here’s what Gudboy had to say about the creative process behind “Just Wanna”:

I made the entire song in a single writing session one morning. I had been feeling this deep feeling of desire and this is the song that came out of it. I literally did one vocal take and freestyled the lyrics into my iPhone and then it was perfect! “Just Wanna” comes from that raw place of IDGAF energy and I am so happy to be sharing it and hopefully inspiring others to just go for what they wanna go for.

You can stream “Just Wanna” at the link below. Enjoy!

Gudboy – Just Wanna