PREMIERE | New Zealand Producer Haan808 Drops Electrifying Banger “Stay With Me”


It’s been a minute since New Zealand producer Haan808 made his debut on TSIS. Since then, his sound has evolved in a major way. We only need to listen to his latest single “Stay With Me” to hear the proof.

“Stay With Me” is a high-octane, festival-ready banger. A spiraling melody entwines with airy vocals, creating a starry, thrilling effect. Explosive bass drops and blasts of synth on the chorus will have you rocking your head in time with the beat. The finishing touches tying the whole thing together are the echoes on the closing notes, cementing the spacy ambiance of the track.

Like many artists during the pandemic, Haan808 took advantage of the lockdown to hone his craft. Here’s what he had to say about the results of his experimentation:

I think we were locked down for about 4 months, so I started writing a lot more. This is a new writing style for me and I’ve been experimenting with new sounds and ideas I don’t mainly do or take on. I just want people to enjoy it, if you like it that’s great. If you don’t, no harm <3

We’re stoked to offer an exclusive premiere of “Stay With Me” before it’s released everywhere later this week. Make sure to check it out below. Enjoy!

Haan808 – Stay With Me | Pre-save