Handbook Delivers 8 Dynamic Lo-Fi Inspired Tracks On Full Length LP ‘Glint’

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From the start of his music career in 2010 to his debut on the acclaimed label, Loci Records, this week, lo-fi hip-hop inspired producer, Handbook, has had quite the musical journey up until this point. Exploring new styles and sounds through his vast discography including over eleven albums, Handbook finds himself inspired as he releases his twelfth full-length LP, Glint.

Self-described as “8 tracks of hopeful, joyful and optimistic tracks… A bit of something for everyone,” Handbook finds himself playing with a wide variety of grooves, instrumentation styles, and tempos, all coming together into one cohesive body of work. Stripped down “Marble” finds itself planted in a swung groove with few elements, yet with such a powerfully potent vibe. Conversely, the dynamic, ever-changing “Infancy” plays with deep pads, arpeggios and multiple hooks throughout. There truly is something for everyone on this LP.

You can listen to Glint at the link below, out everywhere via Loci Records. Enjoy!

Handbook – Glint