Handful of sick tracks off of Wiz Khalifa’s new mixtape ‘Kush & Oj’


Today i've got some of the best tracks off of Wiz Khalifa's latest mixtape Kush & Oj. A couple of TSIS listeners requested this, and honestly I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. I personally enjoy a good amount of Wiz Khalifa and had high hopes for this mixtape. After listening through I found a lot of the songs to be kind of slow, but there were a couple that shined through, which I'm featuring below. This first track is called 'We're Done' and it features vocals from a female I couldn't find the name of and it works together so well with Wiz's rapping. I found this track to be real catchy, and it almost set the standard too high for the rest of the others. Well listen and let me know what your favorite track is on the mixtape.

Wiz Khalifa – Kush & Oj Mixtape | Entire Mixtape Direct Download

We're Done – Wiz Khalifa | Direct Download

03 – Were Done

This next track ' Never Been' has got a real sick beat, it is a classic Wiz track. Kind of slow, sick lyrics, sick beat. It's one of the more bassy, upbeat tracks on the mixtape, enjoy!

Never Been – Wiz Khalifa | Direct Download


'Visions' has got really unique vintage sounding beat. It is very ambient and slow, chill would be the best word to describe it. Enjoy the chill beat and words and just all around sick song. Perfect for the anticipation of summer.

Visions – Wiz Khalifa | Direct Download

12 – Visions

For all the reggae fans, this next track 'Still Blazin' will surely please. It's got some sick reggae, reworked into a sick hip-hop beat. Regardless if you like reggae or not, you'll like this real chill rap song. Again the lyrics are slow, sick, and chill. Wiz has always got something sick to say.

Still Blazin – Wiz Khalifa | Direct Download

13 – Still Blazin

The Last track i'm featuring off the mixtape 'Good Dank' starts off with a real similar sound to the others, chill, slow, and sick. Very sick guitars and effects and ambient sounds filling this songs, then Wiz flowing over it very sickly, and continues this slow chillness throughout the song. It's a very fitting song to be towards the end of the overall slow, very chill mixtape. Enjoy as always guys!

Good Dank – Wiz Khalifa


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