PREMIERE | Quickly-Rising Producer Hark Madley Unveils Bright, Whimsical New Single “Random Bullshit”

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In keeping with the tradition of bringing you the best and brightest from across the globe, we’ve tapped back into the indie-electronic scene for a doozy of a premiere. As Hark Madley has been slowly creeping into the spotlight over the past few years, today we’re excited to have the pleasure of introducing him to the site with his impressive new single “Random Bullshit”. 

If you’ve been in the know about More Giraffes, then you’ll definitely find a familiar genius on this latest offering from the indie-pop duo’s beatmaker. Having come off his debut EP1 in 2018, we find Hark Madley further delving into the possibilities of sound with this fresh endeavor.

Featuring a wealth of lush, skittering synths, crisp percussion, whimsical, random instrumentation and infectious vocals (courtesy of Hark himself) all culminating in a truly genre-defying experience – you’ll definitely want to keep him on your radar! Check out “Random Bullshit” below and make sure to keep an eye out for his his forthcoming LP The Future Is The Question. Enjoy!

Hark Madley – Random Bullshit