“Harlem Shake Video” Turns into Viral Sensation : Origination, + ‘How To Harlem Shake’, and + ‘Best Of’

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Earlier in 2012, Baauer dropped one of the most significant anthems in the exploding electronic / hip-hop trap scene, "Harlem Shake". It's catchy sample carries out a trap induced rave ready anthem that will make you move your body unctrollably. Well the song has now become the soundtrack for the latest viral video sensation. Listen to the original song and check out the origination of the viral sensation, and see some of the best videos.

Baauer – Harlem Shake (Original Song)

Original Video: Well YouTube user DizastaMusic's FILTHY COMPILATION video featured himself dropping it at the drop of the song, and then TheSunnyCoast Skate YouTube channel decided to make an exeggerated parody version done to the tune of 'Harlem Shake' that you see above. This then triggered a viral video domino effect. See below.

Then these guys did an even better one in their room.

Then this office did an even better one kicking up even more.

And then this guy in a laundromat got 8 girls in underwear.

Here's one at the Original Skateboard Offices:


Army Edition

If you would like to participate the steps are simple.

1. Have one person with a mask play the song "HARLEM SHAKE" by BAAUER on a computer, iPhone or any other device. They must move to the buildup of the song.
2. Then on the drop cut to a shot of everyone in the room dancing around to "HARLEM SHAKE" as furiously as possible.
3. Then upload it to YouTube and share it
4. Be a viral superstar

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We will add some of the best to this post as they come in. "DO THE HARLEM SHAKE!"

Well if you are interested in the correct way to do the Harlem Shake, here is an instructional video