Harrison Lipton Recruits Middle Part & Nana Lourdes For Dance Remix of “With U”


Don’t you love when a track that you already thought was brilliant gets even better when the artist comes out with a remix? That’s exactly what’s happened here with Harrison Lipton and his bedroom pop song “With U” featuring Pecas. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter asked indie talents Middle Part and Nana Lourdes to hop on the track and spice it up, and the result is pure magic.

For the remix, Lipton takes the melody and kicks it into overdrive, adding a disco flair and funky oscillating chords. The introduction of the new voices and verses elevates the song, and the trio envelop your eardrums while the reimagined production provides a cushy, catchy tune that you can fall right into. 

Listen to the track below, and make sure to follow Harrison (@harrisonlipton) to keep up with the big things he’s got coming. Enjoy!

Harrison Lipton – With U Remix (feat. Middle Part, Nana Lourdes)