Hayden James & Bob Moses Share Epic Collaborative Single “Do You Want Me”

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This next track can only be described as one thing, a dream collab. Dance music giants Hayden James and Bob Moses have joined Future Classic for the release of their brand-new track “Do You Want Me.”

Little needs to be said about the influence Hayden James and Bob Moses have had on contemporary dance music. As advertised, “Do You Want Me” brings together both artists’ signature sounds for a melodic, vocal-driven house anthem.

Here’s what Bob Moses had to say about the collaboration:

“We’ve known Hayden for a bit, and of course have been aware of his work since well before he gave us his killer mix of our track ‘Back Down’ (which we still play all the time btw). We had thought about working together before but somehow never got around to it. But just like that, the window opened and this track quickly came to life out of a few sessions in LA. Hayden is a lovely guy, and we had fun with the process. Hope ya enjoy.”

Check out the official music video below and enjoy!

Hayden James & Bob Moses – Do You Want Me