Hear Sound Design Master G Jones Blend Trance With Bass Music in Unreleased Track

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G Jones is back again, keeping all gazes hooked, this time with an unreleased track from Nocturnal Wonderland. In his most recent ID, the experimental bass music artist combines a slew of eclectic samples, unique rhythms and a complete change of pace in between drops in a style never heard before. 

The track starts already with a hypnotic tension keeping dancers on their feet. Just when we think we have an idea of where he could be going with the piece, he quickly switches it up into an ethereal trance-like section, filled with melodic wonder. It’s not long before we’re thrown back into the bass music we know and love from him but only to take the whole section one step further and introduce some truly moving rhythms. 

With the only release since his debut album, The Ineffable Truth being RL Grimes edit of his track “In Your Head,” we’ve now just seen a hint of what’s to come and it’s clear that this artist has been BUSY. Enjoy this unreleased ID!

went to nocturnal just to see @gjonesbass how lucky r we to be living in the same time as him? also what’s this song called?? 🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/LmIehvUbYF

— Summer Vibin 😎 (@wtfisupworld) September 16, 2019