Hedwig’s Theme – Virtual Boy: Harry Potter Theme Dubstep Remix

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Everything is bound to get remixed these days. Remember the Lion King Stuntin Like Mufasa remix? Or the Office theme Dwight Shrute vs Lil Wayne remix/mashup? Well today I've got another that might be just as epic, it's got an electronic dubstep remix to one of the Harry Potter themes haha. It's done by Virtual Boy, and starts out a little slow and glitchy up until 1:45 and then drops, then has an even harder second drop. Turn the bass up, get down to the mood of Harry Potter, enjoy!

Hedwig's Theme (Virtual Boy Dubstep Remix) – Virtual Boy | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire
Virtual Boy – Hedwig's Theme (Virtual Boy Dubstep Remix) by Thissongissick.com
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