helloworld Delivers Pop-Infused Electronic Heater “need that”

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Drew Wilken, better known as helloworld, has begun to carve out a definitive spot for himself in the electronic scene, growing his fanbase through every release. His pop-twinged vocals combined with addictive electronic drops solidifies his unique project as a force to be reckoned with.

need that” makes a powerful introduction with the song’s main vocal hook. The artist’s knack for creating ear-worm melodies is on full display, as his raspy vocal tone adds to the melody’s powerful effect. But don’t let Drew’s stellar vocals make you think that’s all he has to offer – right when the vocal hook becomes embedded in your brain, the producer comes in hot with a vibrant, hard-hitting electronic drop to set the track on fire.

helloworld shared his thoughts on the new track:

I wrote this song as an anthem to those who are in a toxic relationship. After being in one too many situations where my heart was being played with by someone I really cared about, I felt the need to take the power back and put it into a song and share it with anyone else out there who’s being mistreated. It honestly turned into one of my favorite songs – the hook to me feels so good and simple and says exactly what I wanted to say. I also tried to take more inspiration from hip hop (what I listen to all the time) as well as return a bit to my EDM roots and make a big 808 driven drop.

You can stream “need that” at the link below, out everywhere via bitbird. Enjoy!

helloworld – need that

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