Hermitude Releases Amazing New Must-Listen Album ‘Mirror Mountain’

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The duo of Luke Dubber (Dubs) and Angus Stuart (“El Gusto”), better known as Hermitude, have returned to release an entrancing new LP, Mirror Mountain, that dazzles with immaculate production and style. We are pleased to be covering this artist, as we have followed their musical journey on TSIS for years now, and continue to be impressed by their diverse catalog.

The lush, entrancing soundscape of Mirror Mountain is truly something to behold, and will pull you in and set you in the Blue Mountains of Australia where the LP was created. Using just “a Moog matriarch, one other synth, and a laptop,” the duo managed to create a lovely collection of 8 tracks, leaving the listener with plenty to explore throughout the album. Lead singles “St. Claire” and “Promises” deliver beautiful synth work, capturing the listener with catchy melodies and infectious rhythms. The duo truly created something special with Mirror Mountain, showcasing every facet of their talents and reminding us why we love them so much.

Hermitude had this to say about their inspiration behind Mirror Mountain:

There were no rules or expectations; we just threw stuff at the wall. It was really fun, which is why we started making music in the first place. It’s easy to get that muddled when you’re doing it as a profession instead of just hanging out as friends because agendas arise, and suddenly, popularity happens, and you have to adhere to certain things. This new music had none of that, which was exciting.

You can listen to album below. Enjoy!

Hermitude – Mirror Mountain