Herobust Drops Cinematic New Bass-Heavy Single “Blockbuster”


Herobust is one artist who consistently brings something fresh and interesting with his music. Whether it’s cleverly titled tracks, dark nautical soundscapes or whimsical video game-inspired sound design, the Atlanta-based producer always gives listeners a palpable theme to accompany every release. Today, he’s continued his long-running streak of incredible singles with a brand new hard-hitting track titled “Blockbuster”.

Featuring his own vocals and unique explosive sound design, Herobust continues to unapologetically push the boundaries of bass music with this latest offering. Starting off with an old movie projector sound effect and some incredibly distinctive horns, listeners will feel as though they’ve just hit play on the latest box office blockbuster. But via some fast paced, sing-song verses, things quickly take a turn as Herobust makes the meaning behind the song’s title perfectly clear before throwing the track into a powerful bass-driven drop. 

“Everybody deals with negativity in one form or another, but remember this – nobody's paying attention more than your biggest hater. You can always turn negativity into positive work, and I hope Blockbuster can help.” -Herobust 

Check out “Blockbuster” below and enjoy!

Herobust – Blockbuster