Herobust Returns with Devastating New Single “Crush Mode”


Ready or not, Herobust has returned. It’s been two years since we last heard from one of our all-time favorite bass-slingers, but that radio silence is no more with the release of the titanic new tune, “Crush Mode.”

Herobust is making up for two years of downtime in four-and-a-half minutes. We hear the beast awaken at the downbeat. The engine heats up, the feverish production builds, then mechanized madness ensues. Subs stomp out all resistance while saws fly through the air in deadly fury. The only reprieve comes when frenetic synths swirl in anxious anticipation before the second drop. If you weren’t ready for the first, you may want to clear out because you certainly won’t be ready for the second.

We’re always ready for a reason to bust out the neck brace, and when Herobust drops new heat, you better have that thing handy. Stream “Crush Mode” by Herobust below. Enjoy!

Herobust – Crush Mode

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