heRobust – Lovers Duet (Ft. 2pac & Notorious B.I.G.) : Hip Hop + Bass Music BANGER [TSIS PREMIERE]


After 2pac comes back from the dead through Hologram form at Coachella, it only seems fitting to drop a bass heavy track featuring some of his vocals. Even better, Notorious B.I.G. is here to accompany Pac on this track. This is a new bass heavy glitchy track from heRobust, a fresh new electronic producer / DJ from Atlanta, Georgia. It has a quick intro with a minor tease before the real crunchy drop. This features "Crush On You" by Biggie and "Do For Love" by 2pac. heRobust does a great job at sampling both rappers and really creating a new track with a fresh hip hop vibe and a crunchy electronic edge. Turn up the bass for this one, enjoy!

heRobust – Lovers Duet (ft. 2pac & Notoirous B.I.G.) | Direct Download

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