HEYZ Releases Massive Bass-Riddled ‘Who Is HEYZ’ EP


Mike Hayes, aka HEYZ, is a multifaceted creative force taking the entertainment landscape by storm. The viral TikTok phenom, DJ and producer from Greensboro, NC has been crafting forward-thinking bass-heavy music in addition to releasing a slew of outrageously whimsical skits. His cultivated following has connected with his unique, funny, and over-the-top comedic content, skits, and characters, which now stand as the thematic background behind his Who Is HEYZ EP, out now on Deadbeats.

The first song is the highly energetic “Anyway” and features hefty bass drops alongside a heavy vocal cut throughout. “Fleeting” is quintessential dubstep at its absolute finest with fat basslines, a propelling beat and a rhythmically entrancing tone. “Body Language” features sultry vocals from electro pop duo darkDARK and serves as a prime juxtaposition to the ruthlessly larger-than-life bass and brooding snares. “Wildheart” is a three-minute dubstep opus that grows with rising tension but gives way to warbly soundscapes and heavy basslines, without ever letting up. The final track, “Just Friends,” showcases melancholic lyricism by singer/songwriter Taylor Ravenna as her vocals soar effortlessly over the deep bass-centric tune.

Visually bringing the EP’s songs to life, HEYZ extends his creative vision into a fun character format, featuring an emo punk, an old-school 90s raver, a leather-clad gimp and a cowboy. So be sure to peep each track’s cover art for a guaranteed laugh.

Stream the Who Is HEYZ EP below and enjoy!