Hitty’s New House Single is Nothing but Straight “Ecstasy”


There’s nothing like some fresh new house music to get your morning started. It’s the finely roasted coffee for your ears and soul. Today, we’re serving you a delicious cup of UK artist Hitty’s steamy new single, “Ecstasy.”

Yazmin Manassib could not have done a better job delivering her featured vocals. It is damn near impossible to resist the layered calls to join this physical space and once Hitty drops the beat in full—oof! Fervent bass bounces with impressive agility under the warm synth selections, and that hi-hat work is enough to take you to the moon.

Good luck getting this track’s supremely catchy vocal hook out of your head any time soon. I already know I’m gonna be singing this all day long. Stream Hitty’s new single, “Ecstasy,” below. Enjoy!

Hitty – Ecstasy (Feat. Yazmin Manassib)