[BREAKING] Holy Ship! 2015 Announces 2 Sailings with Dates


After unbelievable demand, the now legendary Holy Ship will now expanded the experience to an astonishing two sailings for 2015. This is great news to those who haven't been able to obtain a reservation in previous years. If this were any other festival I would question them being able to pull off two weekends, but this is Holy Ship for petesake! thrown by HARD events, so you know the quality will be intact for each weekend and will be just as amazing. Considering they are almost 2 months apart, I would guess the experiences will be completely unique, which I could see people taking either way.  

First Sailing: January 3rd – 6th

​Second Sailing: February 25th – 28th

Pre-Booking For Returning and First Time Cruiser Will Begin In Early March

Stay Tuned