Relive The Magic Of Holy Ship! 10 + 11 With Epic Recap Video


There aren’t many that get to experience the insanely fun and luxurious music festival cruise that is Holy Ship! With a capacity of only around 4,000 and cabins that carry steep price tags, only a dedicated few can manage to get their way onboard. Holy Ship! does offer, however, a very accurate glimpse into the party madness with some of the best recap videos that we’ve ever seen.

This year’s recap video is just as well made as their others, possibly even their best one yet. It features some wild action shots of various Shippers popping champagne bottles, sporting creative and hilarious outfits, and of course plenty of artists getting down and dirty with the rest of the crowd. If you’re debating shelling out the cash to attend Holy Ship! for their 12.0 and 13.0 sailings, which they’ve just announced, this recap video may finally convince you.

Check out the recap for Holy Ship! 10.0 and 11.0 below.

Holy Ship! 10.0 + 11.0 Recap