PREMIERE | Homemade Spaceship & Underlux Create “Hot Tension” With New Genre Blending Single

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What do you get when two Denver bass pros link up? A filthy, frenzied tune filled with synthesized sound. That’s exactly what Homemade Spaceship and Underlux did when they engineered their new single “Hot Tension”. It’s their first collab together, and it’s proving to be an absolute powerhouse. 

The beat is grimy and hard-hitting, with the percussion serving as the pulse of the song and adding movement to the track. It’s a fast-paced, catchy melody where they mix a little bit of rock into a down and dirty dubstep sound. With aggressive bass taking you through the track’s rise, it drops into an epic guitar riff and you can revel in the release.

Underlux spoke about creating this cooker, and had this to say:

When I first had the idea for a rock-influenced bass track, I knew I had to come to Homemade Spaceship to help me bring the idea into fruition. With a loose melody in my mind, I let H.S. take over as he laid down a groovy guitar line. We felt that the combination of the old rock-style fist pump anthem and some heavy dubstep-inspired lead synths could fit well together. After finding the mood and the melody, we gutted the drums from an old failed collab, dug deep for a catchy vocal sample and boom; Hot Tension was born.

While the song comes out on February 5, we’re providing you with an exclusive early listen below. Enjoy!

 Homemade Spaceship & Underlux – Hot Tension