Honey Dijon & Channel Tres Team Up On Dancefloor Ready Groove “Show Me Some Love”

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Legendary DJ and fashion icon, Honey Dijon, recently announced her forthcoming Black Girl Magic LP and is back with another glimpse into the highly-anticipated project. This time, she teamed up with Compton house pioneer, Channel Tres, on their latest track, “Show Me Some Love,” featuring Sadie Walker.

Centered around a loping beat and hypnotic synth loops, whimsical melodies, and a wandering bassline form a playful backdrop to the warmth and immediacy of Channel Tres’ lyricism. Both artists bring incredibly unique styles to their respective productions but on “Show Me Some Love,” we’re able to hear one cohesive dancefloor-focussed groove.

Stream the track below and enjoy!

Honey Dijon & Channel Tres – Show Me Some Love (Ft. Sadie Walker)