[PREMIERE] Mysterious Toronto Group Honors Blends Electronic and R&B with Debut Single “Over”


We’re pleased to be debuting "Over" as the first song from a new 4-piece band called Honors. Hailing from Toronto, the group captures the city’s signature electronic R&B sound, but as a live band. 

Honors are linked to multiple OVO producers they’ve worked with and have impressed us on their first release. The live band evolves upon the electronic R&B sound that’s become Toronto’s signature over the past few years. 

“‘Over' was the first song that we wrote as Honors, and became the creative center for the project. We were spending so much time driving to and from the recording studio late at night, we wanted to create something that captured that introspective and cinematic feeling,” they said. The hazy vocals fit in effortlessly with the slow-rolling, stormy production with rumbling bass tones and atmospheric sound design. With a debut song this strong we can’t wait to hear what else Honors has been working on. Enjoy!

Honors – Over | Free Download 

Honors Over Artwork