Hoodie Allen – All American EP + No Faith In Brooklyn (Music Video) : Must Hear Hip Hop EP


Today I’ve got a release that’s taken years to progress. It’s the newest release from Hoodie Allen, the ex-Google worker turned hip hop star. We’ve been supporting this guy since his incredibly catchy ‘You Are Not A Robot’ single and the Pep Rally mixtape. TSIS also sponsored his second mixtape Leap Year mixtape. Last night at midnight Hoodie released his latest EP and first release sold through iTunes. Hoodie Allen's goal is, as he stated is, “trying to shock the world” by making his release get to the top album charts on iTunes. Less then 12 hours after its release this EP made it to #1 on iTunes. Hoodie proves with hard work you really can do anything. The EP shows how great of a songwriter Hoodie can be and shows a little bit more then just a college rapper. This is a huge day for everyone doing anything independent. Stream the album below, and above check out the music video for “No Faith In Brooklyn”, which was one of my favorite tracks on the EP. If you enjoy this music,support him. Enjoy!

Hoodie Allen – All American EP | Purchase Only