Hotel Garuda Returns With Vibrant House Original “Blurry Eyes” Ft. RUNN


Radiant house duo Hotel Garuda is back with a funkified new release just in time for the weekend. Composed of Manila Killa and Candleweather, these two have collaborated for nearly half a decade now to create bubbly house remixes for Louis The Child, Lorde and Kanye West (to name a few) as well as fresh originals like “Fixed On You” and “Smoke Signals.” Today these two continue to mature their sound with “Blurry Eyes,” a deeply layered single featuring RUNN, who many will recognize from her work with artists like Illenium and Seven Lions.

“We toured so much last year that we ended a lot of nights feeling disconnected from our friends and partners, and sometimes from ourselves. Going into this year we really wanted to make our mark with original work that spoke not only to our influences but to our experiences as well. Our first session this year was with RUNN and co-writer David Pramik, and sharing our experiences with them was a great way for us to channel our lives into music. We can't thank both of them enough for being part of our musical journey. “ - Hotel Garuda 

“Blurry Eyes” is strong from the first note, playfully drawing the listener in with funky guitar licks and energetic percussion. This exuberant mood persists for the entire release, from the danceable drop to RUNN’s bouncy cadence, with the booming beat and instrumental elements giving the release an unexpectedly deep new dimension. “Blurry Eyes” is modern house music at it’s best, so get ready to have it on repeat all weekend long. Enjoy!

Hotel Garuda – Blurry Eyes Feat. RUNN