Boombox Cartel Just Dropped A Heavy-Hitting Trap Remix Of Hudson Mohawke’s “Cbat”


Remixing a Hudson Mohawke track is no easy task. As half of legendary duo TNGHT (who is currently working on new music) and one of the most diverse and inventive producers in hip-hop and electronic music, HudMo’s songs are almost too good to mess with. To our surprise though, Boombox Cartel decided to take on a HudMo oldie, “Cbat”, and we definitely aren't disappointed with the results.

From the duo that brought us such hits as “Jefe” and “Alamo” comes a trapped-out remix of a Hudson Mohawke classic. While it seems that only the intro was sampled from the original, Boombox Cartel’s take on of the unmistakable “Cbat” melody was masterfully done. The twisted combination of screeches, skittering percussion and a booming 808 makes for a true banger.

If you’ll be attending a Boombox Cartel show over the summer, definitely expect to hear this remix. Checkout Hudson Mohawke’s original “Cbat” and the Cartel’s new remix below. Enjoy!

Hudson Mohawke – Cbat (Boombox Cartel Remix)