OWSLA’s Hundred Waters Share Genre-Blending New Single “Wave To Anchor”


Ahead of their forthcoming third album due to release next week on Skrillex's OWSLA label, Hundred Waters have been releasing tons of music to give fans a taste of what to expect. The 5-track surprise Currency EP dropped back in May and showed off their incredible versatility and range, accompanied by multiple album and throwaway singles released throughout the year.

While the melancholic last single "Fingers" focused on minimalism and a downtempo sound, the new song "Wave to Anchor" unexpectedly amps up the energy. The dance-ready beat pulls in many instruments and sounds to create a dense, complex song that never stays still. Frontwoman Nicole Miglis' vocals shine as always, but she is not limited to the hushed whisper that haunts many of their songs. Instead she is able to show off her vocal range and play with different melodies and levels of intensity, all of which are incredibly mesmerizing.

We can't wait to hear what direction the album will take when it releases next week, but between the three singles we've heard this will not be one to be missed. Enjoy!  

Hundred Waters – Wave To Anchor