Hunter/Game Give Precursor & Bad Spirit’s “Biomarker” a Melodic Techno Twist 


Late last year, Dutch producer Precursor and UK singer/songwriter Bad Spirit released the emotive ambient electronica track “Biomarker”, and now they are having their friends Hunter/Game give the song a little spin. The Italian duo’s version, which came out Friday, is a deep yet vibrant cut. It’s the first of a few remixes for the tune, the others due out next week. 

Hunter/Game invigorate “Biomarker” by adding a darker intro, with heavy bass and percussion injected. They keep the original wispy vocals, adding even more of an echo effect for a dreamy, trance-like vibe. The main thing that sticks out about this remix is the massive build into the drop halfway through, with strong synths and a melody where the notes seem to bounce off of each other. It’s a certified chic vibe all the way through. 

You can play their remix below. Enjoy!

Precursor ft. Bad Spirit – Biomarker (Hunter/Game Remix)