PREMIERE | Rising Producer Hurley Mower Impresses With Chill, Funky Production On “Cinnamon”

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It’s our pleasure to introduce the talented producer Hurley Mower to the site for his tasty new track “Cinnamon” via Manifesto. The Chicago native is the latest electronic act to find his sound in the Windy City, following rising stars Whethan and Louis The Child on the path to finding a unique sound that resonates with people everywhere. Hurley has settled on a low-key, crisp production style that’s easily blended with rap or soulful R&B vocals. His recent track “Metronome” might be the perfect example of this distinctive style.

“Cinnamon” effortlessly glides between chill and funky with a melodic flavor delivered by vocal chops that flit between your earphones. A subtle bassline adds an irresistible bounce to the track that’s perfectly complimented by a touch of sax that hazily slides in and out of earshot. This is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Check out Hurley’s thoughts on the track below and enjoy!

When  I  reflect  on  the  development  of  this  song,  I  honestly  think  about  how  lucky  I  got.  I  was  helping  a  singer  clean  up  a  song  and  she  sent  me  a  bundle  of  stems.  One  of  them  was  this  incredible  saxophone  player  just  warming  up,  I  think  that  the  engineer  hit  record  by  accident.  He  played  this  lick  that  I  altered  and  it  became  the  lead  line.  It  was  so  tasty  that  I  internalized  the  whole  song  very  quickly,  including  the  song  name   -  Hurley  Mower

Hurley Mower – Cinnamon