Hyper Crush – Kick Us Out (Hyper Crush Dubstep Remix): Sick BANGER Remix

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So Hyper Crush has become a site favorite, and for a good reason they can take a song and remix it into an instant party banger like my favorite their Drake – Over remix. A few weeks ago they dropped Kick Us Out callaborating with The Cataracs, and the song is a real sick party BANGER, but now Hyper Crush remixes their own song, and dubstep remix nonetheless. They take the original and completely smash it with whomps and wobbbles, and all sorts of bass throughout. I was little unsure if I should post it because I thought it was honestly a little intense, but I've realized you should all definitely hear it. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Kick Us Out (Hyper Crush Remix) – Hyper Crush | Download

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