I. JORDAN Releases Deeply Personal Double-Single “Give It 2 Me / Reclaimed”

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Coming off of singles “Hey Baby,” “Always Been,” and a collaboration with Fred Again.. entitled “Admit It (u don’t want 2),” 2022 has been an exciting year for rising producer, I. JORDAN. Processing deep personal struggles and finding the light at the other end of the tunnel, the dynamic artist presents their most personal work yet, double-single “Give It 2 Me / Reclaimed.”

Underground-inspired production drives the first track of two, “Give It To Me.” A catchy vocal chop and pulsing bass compliment each other to bring this high-energy track to the next level. Brilliant sampling begins “Reclaimed,” a four-on-the-floor behemoth. Picking up the pace as it progresses, I. JORDAN finds their experimental voice through oscillating synth rhythms and a flipped techno-esque groove.

“Reclaimed” was written specifically to be performed at Unfold, a night club in London where trans and queer communities can come together. I. JORDAN commented on what this means to them, saying:

Unfold has had a huge impact on my life over the last year. It’s inspired musically in a way that refreshed and reignited my passion for making music. I’ve met so many friends through it and it’s a space where I truly feel a part of a community. As a trans person this space is so important to me, and many of us who attend the party. ‘Give It 2 Me’ is some of the most personal music i’ve released all year. I have lots of confused feelings when listening back to this release. It’s rough, raw and rugged. Reclaimed was written as I began to process all those intense feelings around ‘Give It 2 Me’

You can stream “Give It 2 Me / Reclaimed” at the links below, out everywhere via Ninja Tune. Enjoy!

I. JORDAN – Give It 2 Me

I. JORDAN – Reclaimed