Icarus Release Introspective Sophomore Album Centered Around ‘Change’


Two brothers from Bristol, better known as Icarus, started making music at a very young age, playing in rock bands for a short period of time to quickly find dance music was their true passion. Since then, there has been no stopping their momentous journey. Their sophomore LP, Changeis the next massive milestone for the Griffiths brothers.

The duo’s themes of reflection and introspection shines through the title track and carries on strongly throughout the album. Each chord progression used even implies a pensive tone within itself, Icarus including a variety of vocal chops and minor melodies to accentuate this feeling. As we move forward through the album, while still reflecting on its primary message of change, we began to notice an uplifting change of pace, an optimism if you will.

Icarus commented on the development of their LP, sharing:

We sometimes find that placing a loose theme around a project can help us focus and find our path through the creative process. The theme around this Album is ‘Change’, and all the feelings and emotions that come along with that. The frustrations of a current situation, the anxieties of an uncertain future, all the way through to a gradual clarity that comes with taking time to reflect and becoming confident with who you are and where you are. Almost a process of ordering what was once chaos. The record represents where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going.

You can stream Change at the link below, out everywhere via Fly Boy Records. Enjoy!

Icarus – Change