Idris Elba is Back with Yet Another Tech House Heater, “Fudge”

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With all he must have going on, we’re loving how much Idris Elba is focusing on making music. Today he’s delivered his second single of 2021, “Fudge” with Eliza Legzdina. This is another house heater, this time released on his own house label 7Wallace (which has a very solid catalog so far).

Some may brush off Idris Elba’s musical efforts as a celebrity gimmick, but he’s the real deal. He’s collaborated with some of the most prolific house artists in the scene right now (Solardo, InnerCity), and his tracks speak for themselves. We also really dig how he often uses his own vocals, as he has an iconic voice. This new one, “Fudge,” expertly bridges a gap between a dark warehouse sound and pop-y accessibility.

You can stream the new Idris Elba single below. Enjoy!

Idris Elba – Fudge (feat. Eliza Legzdina)