Illenium Drops 13-Track Sophomore Album ‘AWAKE’


After months of anticipation, Illenium’s sophomore album, AWAKE, is finally here! The young producer kept constant attention on this impending project throughout most of this year, dropping singles “Fractures,” “Feel Good,” “Sound of Walking Away,” “Crawl Outta Love” and “Leaving” on a fairly consistent basis. Minus “Leaving,” which was released just last week, each of these singles has racked up millions of plays across streaming services. The final project presents us with another eight tracks that make for a stirring offering from start to finish.

AWAKE is fairly vocal-heavy, with the artist teaming up with performers like Daya, MAX, Nevve and many more to create pieces that wholeheartedly embody the melodic dubstep genre. Although each of these stands out in their own way, Illenium’s true skill shines in “No Time Like Now,” “Where’d U Go” and “Taking Me Higher,” tracks that shy away from the use of vocals and allow his clean production to take center stage. These songs also give the producer the opportunity to dip into other styles that mix elements of progressive, future, indie and more. 

In addition to these, the final track of the album, “Let You Go” feat. Ember Island, is an absolute standout. The group’s heavenly harmonies marry well with Illenium’s emotional style. The producer utilizes a gentle, almost trance-like style to guide you out of the project, a move that will no doubt send chills down your spine.  

Stream AWAKE in full below – enjoy!

Illenium – AWAKE | Purchase