Illenium Drops Off A Christmas Gift With New Single “Hearts on Fire” Feat. Dabin & Lights

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In case you missed this while celebrating Chrismas, Illenium gifted everyone his own present in the form of a beautiful new song. His emotive new single “Hearts on Fire” will get you ready for the New Year and itching to belt your lungs out to the Denver-based producer’s upcoming album.

The new single combines Illenium’s signature melodic bass roots with rock and pop influences. It features multi instrumentalist and producer Dabin strumming out guitar riffs along with the always-beautiful vocals of Lights. This one is more of a slow burn that progresses along with heart-wrenching vocals and swelling synths and is punctuated with spurts of powerful guitar chords and drum crashes. It’s definitely interesting to hear the two unique sounds crescendo together.

The track is the third single Illenium has released off of his forthcoming album, along with “Nightlight” and “Paper Thin.” Check the track out in the stream below. Enjoy!

Illenium, Dabin, Lights – Hearts on Fire