Illenium Stuns With His Most Powerful Single To Date, “Take You Down”


Nick Miller is an artist that never fails to strike a chord. Known worldwide by his stage name of Illenium, he packs a passion into his songs that reaches out through layers upon layers of production, vocals and live instrumentation – a passion that grips you instantaneously, no matter the track. His devotion to his craft stands out in the oversaturated world of electronic music, and watching him soar to new heights over the past few years has been inspiring, to say the least. 

This week Illenium struck a chord in a way that surprised many of his fans. Taking to social media, he posted a letter diving deep into his struggles with mental health and addiction, sharing that he overdosed just six years ago and has stayed on the path to healing ever since. The letter concluded with the discussion of “Take You Down,” Illenium’s newest single that touches on addiction, specifically as an ode to his mother.


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Today “Take You Down,” Illenium’s most emotive release to date, is here. The producer’s signature faraway guitar chords are on full display on the intro, joined by haunting uncredited female vocals to set a solemn mood. As the energy builds, breaking into an airy drop soundtracked by flute-like progressions, ethereal synths and hammering percussion, Illenium grips us in a way that he never has before – not only because of the power in the production, but because of the power in the story that comes with it.

Most refreshing about Illenium is that his music is so unapologetically real. His struggles, his pain and, most importantly, his love electrifies everything he touches. “Take You Down” is an emotional, poignant, shining example of that. Stream it below and enjoy.

Illenium – Take You Down