il:lo Puts a Dreamy Spin on Emanciptor and Murge’s “Sea to Sky”

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Downtempo veterans Emancipator and Murge have recruited yet another stellar artist to take on their newest track, “Sea to Sky.” il:lo, masters of chill vibes and deep grooves, was the perfect fit to jump on this new remix. Having released on an array of labels such as Anjunabeats and Nettwerk Records, the seasoned maestros tackled “Sea to Sky” with unmatched precision and quality.

il:lo seemed to know just what to do with these stems once they fell into their hands. Introducing a more nuanced flare to the house beat that glides overtop the impeccable synth lines of Emancipator & Murge, the producers take the track to a whole new space of mind. They beautifully showcase the most delicate, vulnerable aspects of the original track while still keeping the song’s roots intact. Inserting moments of rest, and fixating on just a few elements at a time, il:lo ingeniously created some priceless gems in their version of this progressive track.

il:lo’s remix joins the expanding collection of “Sea to Sky” renditions, including a luscious remix by Parra For Cuva and Emancipator and Murge’s original track.

You can listen to il:lo’s remix of “Sea to Sky” below, out everywhere via Loci Records. Enjoy!

Emancipator & Murge – Sea to Sky (il:lo Remix)