Unknown Artist ilo ilo Mailed Us USB With Debut Song On It & We Can’t Stop Listening


This mysterious project called ilo ilo, whose identity(s) have yet to be released, have been posting hypnotizing looping videos on Instagram. They came across our radar thanks to a mysterious package that was physically mailed to our office in Denver last week which contained a usb stick and a short, mysterious letter (see photo below).

The usb stick contained this video we uploaded to YouTube below and had us curious what the project is.

Is this a collective, a side project, a brand new artist or something else?

A lot of their Instagram videos and their bio show a phone number (808) 202-2690 and after calling we heard a voicemail of a girl saying the same thing in the video above ending with “I have something special I wanna show you. It’s called ilo ilo.” We then received a text saying “Welcome to ilo ilo ♥‿♥ click below for everything you've ever wanted” with a link to their Instagram, where they've been uploading videos for the past 8 months.

Today we get one step closer to knowing a little more about ilo ilo thanks to a second USB we received from them including the MP3 of what seems to be their debut song called "wait" with some other files.

We don't know if this is a new label's first release, an artist's debut song, or something else? "wait" is a longer version of what was played in the video clip. It has a dreamy quality to the song that hooks you in from the beginning and packs some island-ready groove filled drops full of steel drums. The infectious simple lyrics repeats throughout yet don't let you get tired of them. After hearing this first song from the mysterious project we’re really intrigued as it sounds like it's drawing influences from Mura Masa and ODESZA while setting the tone for their very own style. Enjoy!

ilo ilo – wait

ilo ilo letter