French Six-Piece L’Impératrice Releases New Upbeat Disco Single “Fou/Exit”

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L’Impératrice is the Paris-based six-piece band making irresistibly sexy, upbeat music. Currently set to play Coachella 2020, their tone is bright, their grooves are tight, and their songs hit the ear just oh so right.

We’re thrilled to introduce this funky French group onto the site with their latest party starter, “Fou” or “Exit” in English. This  silky smooth disco track comes complete with a sizzling bassline, shimmering synths, and some of the funkiest guitar you’ll here all week. And can we talk about these vocals?? There’s just something about the lush layered vocals beckoning to you in French that is simply spellbinding. This sultry six-piece combines an unstoppable groove with the most entrancing vocals to keep you movin’ and groovin’ from start to stop.

This catchy cut comes as the first new song since L’Impératrice’s 2018 debut album, Matahari, and we can’t wait to see what this group has in store for us next. Listen to L’Impératrice’s outrageously fun new hit, “Fou/Exit” below. Enjoy!

L’Impératrice – Fou/Exit