Experience Modulated Magnificence with Imperium’s New Single, “Hyperbloom”


In a world that is in a perpetual state of “go,” it can prove exceedingly difficult to slow yourself down. Some people use meditation, others use medication. At TSIS, we prefer to use music. If you’re in need of some sonic escape from the hustle and bustle of the day, look no further than the immersive sound waves of Imperium’s latest single, “Hyperbloom.”

The Venezuelan-born, Singapore-trained, Nashville-based artist has undoubtedly accrued a wealth of experiences from which to draw inspiration. Shifts in geography provided exposure to new musical themes, each new element broadening the arsenal of Imperium’s vast sound bank. This new single sees the up-and-coming artist dive deep into a sea of futuristic electronica. The modulating synths ebb and flow, crashing into bottomless wells of bass. 

We’ve had this blissful free-floating tune on repeat for a minute and we know you will too. Stream Imperium’s new single, “Hyperbloom,” below. Enjoy!

Imperium- Hyperbloom