Independent Hip Hop Duo Mango Tree Deliver Sophomore Album, ‘Ultra Violet Cilantro’


New Jersey based indie hip hop duo Mango Tree have been releasing music for less than two years, but you’d never be able to tell from the masterful production and rhythm of their latest album Ultra Violet Cilantro.

Mango Tree is comprised of Wenzel BLK on vocals and Forrest Bloom taking over production. Previously, they released an album All Skips in late 2020. This new album, however, sees the duo going in a new direction. “This is a more rap-focused project and a break from our typical indie-pop/hip-hop sound” says Wenzel BLK.

Citing references like Westside Gunn, The Alchemist, and Action Bronson, Ultra Violet Cilantro has all the gritty vibes and sample heavy production you’d expect from classic East Coast style hip-hop. BLK’s smooth growl ushers us through the highs and lows of the album, displaying impressive versatility in flow.

Each track feels cohesive but also has a different mood. “Living Rooms” feels like a rainy day, whereas “If I ever Loved You” has the vibe of driving with the windows down at golden hour. Standout tracks are “Mustard,” “Fat Doinks,” and “Jet Ski.” This is where Bloom’s colorful and diverse sample craft is at its peak, BLK’s clever lyrics flowing perfectly over.

We’re definitely throwing this album in rotation at the next chill session with our friends. You can stream this album using the link below, enjoy!

Mango Tree – Ultra Violet Cilantro