Indie Duo slenderbodies Release Slow Burning, Vibrant Track ‘Plastic Parts’


It’s winter for most of us right now, and sometimes the sun seems like a distant memory. Lucky for us, our favorite indie duo slenderbodies is here to give us some warmth in the form of their new song “Plastic Parts.”

Known for their mellow but lush sound and smooth, whisper-soft vocals, “Plastic Parts” has both in abundance. The main melody of the song is composed of a warm synth bounce, accentuated by plucky guitar. The combination of the hushed vocals and hazy keys wrap us into a tightly woven dream. “Plastic Parts” is the type of song you play in the depths of summer; we can almost feel the sun beaming down on us.

While slenderbodies haven’t given a release date for a future album yet, it seems imminent. The title of this track seems to match the branding the duo is going with for their latest album rollout and upcoming tour. All the promo up on their socials has them rendered as plastic dolls.

You can check out “Plastic Hearts” using the link below. Enjoy!

slenderbodies – Plastic Parts