Indie Electronic Duo TENDER Deliver Impressive New Album ‘Fear of Falling Asleep’

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UK indie electronic duo TENDER just dropped their second studio album, a lush indie electronic LP called Fear of Falling Asleep. The two-piece band has been on our radar since they dropped their stunning debut album Modern Addiction in 2017, an impressive piece of work that made waves for its moody, synth-heavy aesthetic. TENDER followed up on that success by collaborating with prominent electronic artists like Kasbo and Claptone on fantastic singles. Just before this album release TENDER released two hypnotizing new singles off the LP “Bottled Up” and “Can’t Show My Face”.

The full album is a vibrant mix of tracks that touch on a wide range of emotions. Stand out songs include the title track “Fear of Falling Asleep”, a simmering musical journey that builds on the power of a warm bassline and soaring vocals, and “Can’t Show My Face”, a melodic, emotional ballad. The LP is inspired by the moments before sleep, musically highlighting the variety of places your mind will take you when you’re just trying to go to bed. Enjoy!

Tender – Fear of Falling Asleep