Indie Pop Collective Dutchkid Offer Taste of Debut Album with “Light On” with Shallou

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As we emerge from our various quarantines, there is a growing need for a song that captures the excitement of the moment.

Light On” from Dutchkid, an emotional anthem about needing human connection, is definitely a strong contender.

Dutchkid is a London based collective of songwriters, producers, filmmakers, and designers. They linked with fellow musician Shallou for this record, resulting in a lush and melodious indie pop track. Gorgeous vocals harmonize over a tropical inspired beat. It’s a breezy and warm track that feels euphoric and hopeful despite the vulnerable subject matter.

Vocalist Jordi van Dyk described the creation of the track as:

‘Light On’ came from a writing session we had with Joe Boston aka ‘Shallou’. We started off discussing the idea of feeling lonely in a crowd and that basic human need for connection. It was beautiful to see how the song kept evolving throughout the session and how vulnerability can lead to healing.

Dutchkid will follow up this gorgeous track with the release of their debut album later this year. Until then, you can check out “Light On” below. Enjoy!

Dutchkid – Light On