Nuance & Bobby Stingray Release ‘Heal My Heart’ Remix EP to Celebrate Label’s One Year Anniversary


Industrial Nature Records is an emerging label out of New Zealand’s chill North Island. The imprint is cofounded by producers Nuance and Bobby Stingray, and the two combine their musical prowesses to pump out some seriously unique jams. To celebrate its one-year anniversary, they are putting out one of their hits as a collection, the Heal My Heart Remix E.P. It has a remastered single and two remixes, and is available now.

The OG “Heal My Heart” is a jazzed-out deep house tune that is heavy on the horns and has a complex rhythm. It’s got upbeat drum snares and a strong bassline with soulful vocals. The EP features each of the producers’ fresh take on the track. The first is Nuance’s groovy 2-step remix of the song, and then comes in Bobby Stingray for a percussion and bass version that begs to be called at the end of a long night of clubbing. 

You can check out the single below and be sure to bump the whole EP as well. Enjoy!

Nuance – Heal My Heart