Innellea Unveils Breathtaking New Melodic EP ‘It’s Us’


Internationally celebrated German artist, Innellea, has been making waves in the electronic music scene for a few years now. Influenced by melodic trends in electronic music he combined the roots of techno in a very creative way, and came up with his unique and abstract sound. Taking the scene by storm in 2019, his colorful and intricate rhythms have captivated crowds worldwide. Hot off the tails of his recent globally acclaimed Cercle performance in India, Innellea unveils his next majestic opus, It’s Us EP.

This breathtakingly original three-part offering is everything we’ve come to expect and more from the in-form producer. On the opening title track, he delivers a sophisticated blend of expansive synth leads, intricate polyrhythms and intermittent vocal drops, all brought together underneath a veil of deep, luscious sub-bass. “Golden Fort” sees the German producer return to his four-on-the-floor roots as he creates a haunting house cut, tempered by evocative melodies and cinematic analogue experimentation. The final track, “Haveli,” is an ethereal six-and-a-half minute anthem filled with hypnotic vocal soundscapes, organic percussion and frenzied, undulating riffs.

Stream Innellea’s It’s Us EP below and enjoy!

Innellea – It’s Us