Insomniac Announces Major Changes For EDC Vegas 2018

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After record-breaking temperatures had a significant impact on the weekend, one of the nation’s most explosive festivals will be seeing major changes in 2018. In an Instagram post shared less than an hour ago, Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella announced the much-anticipated changes to EDC Vegas that will be implemented throughout the next year.

The biggest change is a tossup between a new date and new lodging options. After a significant increase in both the average temperature and amount of medical calls this year, Insomniac decided to move the festival back a month – the new dates will now be May 18-20. In addition to this, the company will be rolling out a camping program that will alleviate travel times for both those camping and those staying offsite. In addition to regular camping, it looks like patrons will be able to bring their own RVs and stay onsite, as well.

In addition to these major changes, Rotella added that construction on the Speedway will be finished by 2018, lessening travel times even further. In addition to this, an independent shuttle company will be taking over shuttle operations to streamline the overall experience even more. All of these decisions will allow the festival to have extended hours, although the specifics of the extension have not yet been shared. More details regarding these changes will be released over the next few weeks.

We can't wait to see how Rotella and Insomniac as a whole will implement these exciting changes over the coming months. For now, tickets and camping passes will be on sale at the end of this month with hotels available now. See the announcement video below and enjoy!