INTERVIEW | EAZYBAKED Discuss Upcoming Debut Album, Taking Musical Risks, & More


A pair of leaders are emerging from the bass music scene, and they go by the name of EAZYBAKED. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, the production duo, comprised of Eric Ray and Andrew Principe are approaching a milestone in their careers, the release of their debut album, INTERTWINED.

Over the course of the past two months, EAZYBAKED has shared three mesmerizing singles from the project, including the recent surprise drop of “Sapped,” their collab with the fellow forward-thinking bass maestro, Of The Trees. With their sound quickly and confidently taking shape, the timing of INTERTWINED couldn’t be more perfect.

EAZYBAKED’s debut album is due out at the end of this week, March 4. Before it’s unleashed, we got the opportunity to speak with them about the project, their origins, and why they want to perform at The North Pole.

You can check out our conversation with the EAZYBAKED guys below. You can also stream their newest single with Of The Trees. Enjoy!

EAZYBAKED – Sapped (feat. Of The Trees)

How did you know you were ready to deliver the first ever EAZYBAKED album?

We have always longed to do a lengthy project and once the pandemic hit it just felt like the perfect time. We both had a lot of thoughts and emotions to express!

Given that you wanted to step outside your comfort zones, were there some particular risky moves made on this album? 

The riskiest move for us in our opinion was incorporating the house section in “Letting Go.” We’re both really stoked about how it turned out though!

What’s one memory that you cherish during the process of making INTERTWINED?

It’d have to be starting the title track and sending it to Andrew, then him sending it back with edits that just all made so much sense and I remember freaking out in my bedroom like we really just made this?!?

You two go way back. What’s it like working with someone you’ve been friends with for most of your life? 

It’s incredible honestly. It’s something I don’t think either of us will ever take for granted. We are brothers for life!!

Where did the idea of EAZYBAKED come from?

In the beginning, we had two separate aliases, EAZY and Mr. Baked. And we were writing so much music together all the time that it was just the natural next step to put the two together.

What was it like to honor the life and music of CharlestheFirst during the celebration at Mission Ballroom? 

It was incredible. not a day goes by that I don’t think about him, we will celebrate his life every day, forever. LABGROUPLABGROUPLABGROUP

If you could perform anywhere in the world with no restrictions, where would want to do so and why? 

On the North Pole, it would be cold as shit but we could all build little igloos and the acoustics are great.